• Nothing is impossible for those that are willing to ask the questions and put in the hard work.

    Loving what you do is paramount to achieving what you need, as you never think you are saddled with burdens to be overcome in reaching your goals. In turn, anything becomes possible, as everything you do snowballs, building momentum and each small goal conquered, catapults you into range of the larger objectives.

    Objectives in SADC Energy Landscape

    Currently pursuing long-term residency options in Namibia to further energy security development within the Southern Africa Development Countries (SADC) region. Open to business and consulting opportunities with local resources to facilitate sustainable, low-carbon, employment providing, diversified energy generation and delivery integration systems based upon extensive experience in global energy markets and advancing technology deployment schemes.

    The future energy landscape will no longer focus on legacy centralized generation, distribution and financial ideologies, but rather through complex, albeit possible, intelligently integrated energy systems and logistical supply chains driving long-term costs down while increasing reliability and accessibility over the short and mid-terms.

    Opportunities to advance these goals within SADC is my primary motivation, tying knowledge and resources gained around the world throughout all energy sectors and disciplines.

  • Summary

    Mr. Hyde, trained as an unconventional engineer, has 20 years "boots on the ground"​ experience in the global energy sectors. His forte is in studying the origins of cultural values and demonstrating how they shape human desires for energy security. The fruits obtained from his continual "How & Why"​ questioning, offer deeper insights into their interaction through positive and negative feedback loops. His goal is to share this knowledge for common economic and human betterment.

    Hans is currently establishing a networking framework to facilitate mid-scale, "all of the above"​ technology and evolving financial model integration projects his research has identified as under-served between the Mega and Micro deployment schemes prevalent throughout the African continent.

    In the moments Mr. Hyde is not engaged in this endeavor, he is organizing his emigration to Southern Africa (Namibia) from the stark & arid half of United States he's called "home"​ for 20 years. This familiarity forms a large portion of his personal connection and inherent understanding of geographic, social and environmental concerns he will encounter in the SADC region.

    Those efforts are focused through his social enterprise, Energy Web Global.

  • Hans' Energy Blog

    In-depth discussions of events in the global energy landscape...

    The US energy space is enormous.  We consume or process close to 19 million barrels of crude oil every day, while producing about 1 million in ethanol and biodiesel.  We consume or convert over 27 Trillion Cubic Feet (TCF) of natural gas in a year in our homes, industries, increasingly in power...
  • Ambitions & Endeavors

    Energy Intelligence to Empower All

    SADC Generation & Transmission System

    Building Opportunities for Positive Impacts in Global Energy Concerns

    Global Energy Distribution Specialist 

    ◆ Primary interest in knowledge sharing ventures and engagement in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) countries, with a focus on implementing mixed energy source, sustainable systems in providing energy accessibility and value to both the users and providers alike.

    ◆ Extensive familiarity with global energy concerns across all sectors; fossil fuels to renewable technologies, E&P, O&G, generation and T/D, governmental policies, historical and evolving trends.

    ◆ Strong awareness of strengths, equal understanding of weaknesses. Teamwork and establishing common goals not only benefits my colleagues, but also greatly assists in realizing my full potential.

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    Global Energy Systems Expertise

    SADC - Generation & Transmission

    ◆ Self-motivated construction of GIS based infrastructure projects; including builds of ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) & SwPP (Southwest Power Pool) Generation and Transmission assets; SADC (Southern Africa Development Countries) Generation & Transmission assets; LEC - lightning protection global assets; and Oil & Gas pipelines, storage facilities and processing plants/refineries around the world.


    ◆ 6 months exploring Europe (Spain to Turkiye) during 2013-14 with an acute attention to detail on energy related concerns. This manifest itself through my inherent interest in better understanding European infrastructure, cultural awareness, business practices, human needs and desires, geopolitical concerns and policies, and evolving paradigms to maintain current living standards or achieving better, all possible through a lower energy intensity than we accustomed to in the U.S.

  • Energy Intelligence to Empower All

    Cost effective and reliable energy delivery is a necessity of all sectors

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    Data & Communications

    Communication is critical to delivering out needs

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    Global Logistics & Transportation

    Effective logistics ensures productivity

    California Department of Transportation

    Federal Express (FedEx)

    Mountain Village Gondola, Town of

    United Parcel Service (UPS)

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    Government & Municipalities

    Facilitating our collective ambitions

    Cities of Durango, Golden, Lafayette, Longmont [CO]

    Towns of Eagle, Fort Collins [CO]

    US Bureau of Reclamation

    US Forest Service (USFS)

    US Air Force Academy

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    Low Carbon Energy Intelligence

    Integrating diverse resources to meet our needs

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    Oil & Gas

    Downstream, Upstream & Midstream

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    Petrochemical & Process Plants

    Innovating products to supply our basic needs

  • Experience

    Advancing cutting edge technologies and strategies

    Risk Mitigation Specialist/Inspection Supervisor @ Lightning Eliminators & Consultants

    ◆ How do I say this simply while not understating the vast implications of what exactly we do at Lightning Eliminators & Consultants? We provide an engineered, scientific solution, using a naturally occurring phenomenon, to minimize the probability to nearly zero of taking a lightning termination inside a designated area.


    ◆ From a day to day perspective my objectives included increasing cost effectiveness of installation protocol; adding value to the company's technology line through face-to-face interaction with the customers and end users; new customer development; increasing frequency of repeat business and returning lapsed company-product deployment relationships to open communication and future needs based solution developments around the world and throughout the energy sectors.


    ◆ Although I stand 100% behind the physics of the company's engineered solution, I am uncomfortable disclosing in an open forum any details resulting in my ultimate decision to part ways with the company. The customers and companies I was fortunate to work with around the world, would attest to my professional capacities and my inherent desire to continually improve upon all aspects of furthering positive and meaningful customer-client relationships.

    Project Manager & Design Team @ Next Generation Energy

    ◆ Supervised & assisted in the evolution/installation of cutting edge solar thermal & racking system designs in the $100-200k range.


    ◆ Designed/Implemented a scalable, intuitive coding system for an entirely new product line, widely ranging in extruded, forged, milled and molded manufacturing processes as well as various chemical/metallurgical treatment options. Designed "one-click" costing and pricing program to reflect dynamic variability in global feedstock, supply chain and manufacturing availability in meeting production needs.


    ◆ Worked with forward thinking innovators and engineers in providing the best line of solutions in achieving sustainable, cost stable energy supplies to meet customer needs.

    Owner & Arborist @ Boreal Tree Service

    ◆ Established a full service tree pruning and removal company based on past professional experience and skill set concurrent with pursuing an Associate's Degree in nursing.


    ◆ Based on excellent customer service, educating the customer on industry accepted standards, word-of-mouth recommendations and high quality references on home owner referral website, AngiesList.com, the business expanded rapidly, receiving over thirty new consultation requests per week at its peak.


    ◆ Serving the "tree friendly" Portland metro area entailed working safely and efficiently with very large trees in close proximity to homes and structures, carrying extensive risk under hazardous conditions and work environments. As the person in the tree, acute awareness of dynamic conditions and surroundings was imperative for safety of the team and self, with zero tolerance for errors. We performed the highest quality of service with no incidents of injury or damage to property.


    ◆ As a sole proprietor I was intimately involved with all aspects of customer interaction, book and record keeping, licensing, insurance, taxation, fleet and equipment procurement and maintenance, marketing, scheduling, human resources, etc.

    Utility Arborist & Technical Advisor @ ACRT, Inc

    Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)


    ◆ Designed a program to contact absentee-property owners and re-establish PG&E Rights of Way, to greatly increase efficiency of vegetation management program objectives, with enormous success through customer engagement and teaching of program necessities to better serve the customers and utility alike.


    ◆ Worked to implement program with multiple government agencies, including US Forest Service, US Bureau of Land Management, multiple county governments and large property holding companies.


    San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)


    ◆ Provided forester hands-on arboricultural training, improving understanding of dynamic natural process in static environments, quality assurance and system improvement for a one-year project to map entire utility holdings.


    ◆ Three month project to ensure East Bay District was fire season compliant through electric distribution line patrols, customer interaction and assessment of vegetation management needs working with contracted tree services.


    ◆ Consistently doubled work quotas and increased removal percentages of undesirable and difficult to efficiently manage tree species within and in proximity to the utility Rights of Ways.


    Sierra Pacific Power (NV Energy)


    ◆ Worked with large land holders, US Forest Service, California Tahoe Conservancy, etc., to establish system-wide protocols for implementing utility and agency needs with regards to vegetation management. Program was highly successful in opening communication between all parties, minimizing the need for case by case determinations and enacting mutually beneficial objectives along thousands of miles of distribution lines.


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